Refund of Examination Fee for the Cancelled March 15, 2020 Civil Service Exam

The Commission, through Resolution No. 2100304 dated 5 April 2021, has decided to cancel the conduct of the CSE-PPT, which was originally scheduled on 15 March 2020, and to refund the PHP500 examination fee of the registered examinees.

Please be guided by the following procedure on how to claim your refund:

Availing of the refund shall be within the period of May to December 2021. There shall be two (2) modes of claiming the refund.


a. In the Authorized/Concerned CSC Regional Office (RO)/ Field Office (FO) (where the examinee originally filed his/her application)

a.1 Coordinate with the CSC RO/FO through call or text for their scheduling system.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, Refundees are advised to avoid going to the CSC RO/FO without a confirmed appointment/schedule or without advance notice.

a.2 The Refundee shall fill out the Request for Refund Form (RRF) and submit to the CSC RO/FO together with an original and photocopy of a valid ID. The form is available for download in the CSC website ( and CSC RO website. The original ID will be returned to the Refundee after validation of the photocopy submitted.

a.3 When refund is through an authorized representative, the RRF shall be accomplished by the Refundee and submitted by the representative on the schedule of his/her appointment for refund to the RO/FO where the examinee originally filed his/her examination.

The following documents shall be submitted by the representative:

  1. Request for Refund Form;
  2. Authorization letter (available for download in the CSC website/RO website);
  3. Photocopy of valid ID of the Refundee duly signed by the Refundee;
  4. Original and photocopy of the valid ID of the representative

a.4 For deceased registered examinee/refundee, the immediate family member can claim the refund of examination fee by presenting the following documents:
1) Duly filled-out Request for Refund Form with notation “deceased” after the name of registered examinee;
2) Original and photocopy of valid ID of the deceased;
3) Death Certificate; 4) Original and photocopy of valid ID of the immediate family member claiming the refund.

b. Through Conduit CSC RO/FO (where the examinee’s present place of residence or work is nearest)

b.1 The Refundee shall write (by mail, courier, fax, email) the CSC RO concerned, which has jurisdiction over the place where the examinee filed his/her application, to request that his/her refund will be claimed in a specific RO/FO nearest his/her residence or place of work.

Refundee may verify first with the CSC RO as to the most appropriate mode (e.g., mail, courier, fax, email) for sending the letter.

To know the location of the nearest CSC RO/FO, kindly check the CSC directory at

Together with the letter, he/she shall also submit the RRF and scanned copy of his/her valid ID.

b.2 Upon receipt of the request, the Authorized/Concerned CSC RO verifies the Refundee’s data from the List of Registered Examinees as to his/her name, birthday, birthplace, and home address.

b.3 Once verified and approved for release of refund, the Authorized/Concerned CSC RO sends a written notice/advisory (through mail, courier, fax, or email) to the Refundee that he/she can proceed to the CSC RO/FO nearest to his/her place of residence/work, copy furnished the conduit CSC RO official email created for the purpose. The Authorized/Concerned RO shall also transfer the fund to the account of the conduit RO.

b.4 The Refundee shall present the notice/advisory to the nearest or conduit RO/FO together with the duly filled-out RRF and original and photocopy of valid ID.

b.5 The RO/FO shall attach the notice/advisory to the Refundee’s RRF and process the release of refund.


The Refundee shall do the following:

1. Fill out the RRF and scan the filled-out form.

The Refundee shall choose the payment facility from a set of options given by the CSC RO.

2. Scan, or take a clear photo, of the front and back sides of any valid government issued ID.

3. Send the scanned copy of the RRF and ID to the Authorized/Concerned Regional Office via email. Sending through the CSC RO’s Facebook Page or Messenger account is discouraged for possibility of personal data breach.

4. The concerned RO will validate the documents and process the refund.

5. The RO shall notify the Refundee as to when the refund will be released through the payment facility he/she indicated on the RRF.

6. For deceased registered examinee/refundee, the immediate family member can claim the refund of examination fee by scanning and submitting to the Authorized/Concerned RO the following documents:

1) Duly filled-out RRF with notation “deceased” after the name of the registered examinee;

2) Valid ID of the deceased;

3) Death Certificate;

4) Valid ID of the immediate family member claiming the refund.

Refundees are advised to coordinate with their Authorized/Concerned CSC Regional Office through the following email addresses or contact numbers.

CSC Directory for Refund

CSC RO | Email Address | Contact Number/s

  • CSC RO I
0917 9182585/0968 4286058
0920 5592088
  • CSC RO V
(032) 4147488/(032) 4147676
(053) 888 0742
 (062)955 5946
  • CSC RO X
0936 7861759
0936 6389248/0905 4079313/0968 3022833/09683022834
0905 1411835
(02) 8781 5878
0908 8851426/(074) 6656670
  • CSC Caraga
0999 8809931/8153370/8159459
  • CSC for BARMM
(064) 552 1855
  • CSC Central Office*

* For queries only, no requests for refund will be entertained

Privacy Notice

CSC collects personal data for the purpose of processing your refund request. CSC will not reveal any of your personal or sensitive personal information to any other person or entity at any time except pursuant to an order of the court of competent jurisdiction, those explicitly allowed by law, or those instances where we need to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights against fraud and/or mitigation of risks and damages. As soon as the indicated purpose for the collection is served, we will take necessary steps to destroy, de-identify, or delete your information.

We are committed to handle and protect your personal data in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, issuance of the National Privacy Commission, and CSC’s own internal policies on data protection and security.

We commit to use and process your personal data lawfully, with utmost consideration to your rights as data subject including your (i) right to be informed, (ii) right to access, (iii) right to object to the data processing, (iv) right to erasure or blocking, and (v) right to lodge complaint. If you have any data privacy concerns, you may contact CSC’s Data Privacy Officer at


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Source: CSC

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