July 2021 Civil Service Exam (CSE-PPT) Important Reminders


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced the important reminders in taking the July 2021 Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Subprofessional Levels also known as Civil Service Exam through Examination Announcement No. 02 series of 2021.

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  • Be at the testing venue not later than 6:30 a.m. 
  • Wearing face masks and face shields, and practicing physical distancing shall be observed at all times, unless otherwise allowed. 
  • Wear proper attire on examination day, preferably plain white shirt/tops. Examinees wearing SLEEVELESS SHIRT/BLOUSE, SHORTS/SHORT PANTS, TOKONG PANTS, RIPPED JEANS, and SLIPPERS will not be ALLOWED to enter the exam venue. 
Male and female examinees’ long hair must be tied.    
  • Bringing of cellular phones and any other gadgets, including smart phones/watches and pens/eyeglasses with built-in camera, calculators, wristwatches with calculator, books and other forms of printed materials, and all other similar items, IN THE EXAMINEE’S SEAT IS NOT ALLOWED. Prior to occupying the assigned seat, examinees shall be required to deposit said items and all other personal belongings in the designated area. Examinees are encouraged to use transparent bag.
  • Use of any aid in answering the test (such as calculators; books, dictionaries and other forms of printed materials; watch calculators; cellular phones, smart phones/watches, tablets and any other gadgets; and all other similar materials/items) is NOT allowed.
  • Bringing of the test booklet outside of the testing room/venue is strictly prohibited. The examination, or test results, of those found violating this rule shall be cancelled.

The CSC neither holds any review class nor publishes or distributes any review material for any civil service examination. Further, the CSC does not accredit and has not accredited any individual, group, or review center for the purpose of producing/publishing and/or distributing/marketing/selling any review material, and of offering and holding review sessions/classes to prospective civil service examinees. Availing of any such product/service shall be one’s personal option and accountability.

Things to Bring

Examinees are strongly advised to bring ONLY the following items on examination day:

1. Health Declaration Form posted on the CSC website (www.csc.gov.ph) for downloading and printing

As part of the health protocols, examinees are required to submit a Health Declaration Form which MUST be accomplished within 24 hours prior to taking the exam

Examinees are requested to leave the temperature reading blank. The temperature of the examinee will be supplied upon going through thermal scanning at the school/testing venue main entrance on exam day.

2. I.D. card – preferably the same I.D. card presented during filing of application. If the I.D. card to be presented for admission is different from the I.D. card presented during filing of application, the examinee must present any of the other accepted I.D. cards for civil service exam (refer to attached list of accepted I.D. cards/documents for civil service exam), which is preferably valid (not expired) on exam day.


  • Driver’s License/Temporary Driver’s License (LTO O.R. must be presented together with old Driver’s License; O.R. alone is not allowed)/Student Driver’s Permit; 
  • Passport; 
  • PRC License; 
  • SSS I.D.; 
  • GSIS I.D. (UMID); 
  • Voter’s I.D./Voter’s Certification; 
  • BIR/Taxpayer’s I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture); 
  • PhilHealth I.D. (must have the bearer’s name, clear picture, signature and PhilHealth number); 
  • Company/Office I.D.; 
  • School I.D.; 
  • Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate (with picture); 
  • Postal I.D.;   
  • Barangay I.D.;
  • NBI Clearance; 
  • Seaman’s Book; 
  • HDMF Transaction I.D.; 
  • PWD I.D.; 
  • Solo Parent I.D.; 
  • Senior Citizen’s I.D.; and 
  • CSC Eligibility Card (note: Implemented only beginning with the May 3, 2015 CSE-PPT). 


- Photocopy only of I.D. card, or cellphone photo of I.D., shall not be accepted.

-  All other I.D. cards not included in the list of accepted I.D. cards/documents for civil service exam shall not be accepted.  

-  As a last resort, expired I.D. card may be presented for admission on examination day, provided that, the expiry date of the I.D. card is within the preceding months of the year reckoning the date of examination or from 1 January 2021 to 17 July 2021

If I.D. card has no date of birth, examinees should also bring original of Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority, or the Local Civil Registry.

3. BLACK BALL PEN/s  (Note: Examinees must bring their own ball pen/s. Strictly, no borrowing of ball pen/s shall be allowed to prevent cross-contamination.)

4. Personal alcohol/hand sanitizer (not more than 100 ml in size) 

Also, examinees may opt to bring water in clear/transparent container, and/or candies/biscuits, which shall be inspected by the Room Examiner/Proctor. However, drinking may only be done outside the testing room, one at a time, and only upon the approval of the Room Examiner. Hence, water containers should be placed inside examinees’ bag and brought out only when drinking. 

Examinees Guide

The conduct of briefing/orientation for examinees on exam day shall be temporarily lifted in observance of COVID-19 health protocols. 

In its place, an Examinee’s Guide shall be sent via e-mail to examinees concerned approximately one week before exam day. It shall contain comprehensive information on the conduct of the examination to include guidelines and procedures to be observed before exam day, on exam day, after exam day, and other concerns including the health and safety protocols. 

The Examinee’s Guide shall serve as the reference of examinees regarding the conduct of the examination. As such, it shall be the responsibility of the examinees to access, read thoroughly, and fully understand the Examinee’s Guide. 

Scope of Examination and Other Information

1. Scope of Examination

2. Other Information

Examination Announcement No. 02 , s. 2021


Source: CSC